Along with the wild thyme surrounding the villa, rosemary grows in abundance on our grounds. In Provence, you will often find thyme, rosemary, and sage growing wild, especially in the dry scrub land called "garrigue."

Rosemary is a staple in Provencal cooking and is one of the herbs in Herbes de Provence.

Potatoes with Rosemary and Lavender

Rabbit with Juniper Berries and Herbs



Rosemary Fun Facts

The popular children's nursery rhyme, Ring around the roses; A pocket full of posies; Ashes, Ashes; We all fall down, dates back to 1664 - is often said to date back to the year of the Great Plague of London. (This article says it doesn't.) According to urban legend, the posies were the "magic" herbs which were carried in the pocket and were thought to ward off the virus. The herbs included rosemary, thyme and hyssop.

The smell of rosemary was believed to keep a person young. A story from Medieval times tells of rosemary water being used to restore health and beauty to Queen Izabella, who was crippled with gout and rheumatism.