One of the great pleasures of traveling through France is stopping off at some of the many Auberges to be found along the Route Nationales, and sampling their culinary talents. Food and wine in France is more important to ensuring that the people’s quality of life is maintained than anything else and so too is this true of the Provencal people. The Mediterranean food is renowned to be one of the healthiest diets in Europe using nothing but the freshest of local produce and fresh vegetables. Ingredients such as virgin olive oil, garlic, tomatoes and fresh herbs all contribute to the very special flavours that make up their regional dishes.


Les Gorges de Pennafort
RD25, 83830 Callas
Tel: (+33) 04 94 76 66 51

La Celle
Hostellerie de L’Abbaye de la Celle
Place du Generale de Gaulle,
83170 La Celle/Brignoles
Tel: (+33) 04 98 05 14 14

Le Clos des Vignes.
It is charming old "Cabanon" and is located in the middle of a vineyard. It is situated between Correns and Cotignac. The food is quite up-market.

Le Castelleras
Route de Seillans
La Ferrage
83440 Fayence
Tel: (+33) 04 94 76 13 80

A great dining experience in Provence, France.Lorgues
Chez Bruno
Campagne Mariette
2345 Route des Arcs
83510 Lorgues
Tel: (+33) 04 94 85 93 93



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Truffle Markets
Truffles are truly a gastronomic delight. But beware! Chinese fungus (Chinese truffle) looks like the black truffle but doesn't taste like it. It doesn't smell like a truffle either - but if it is placed with collection of real French truffles, the Chinese fungus will absorb enough of the smell to fool most amateurs.

The Richerenches Truffle Market is the biggest in Provence, and said to be even the most important in all of Europe. Truffles tend to be a bit pricey for the average market-browsing tourist and, sure enough, there aren't very many truffle stands visible along the main market street on a Saturday morning. Wander around corners and you will find truffle sellers working out of the back of their cars.
Every Saturday morning from November to March

Other Truffle Markets
Aups - every Thursday morning from November to March
Carprentras - every Friday morning from mid-November to mid-March
Chamaret - every Monday morning from mid-November to mid-March
Grignan - every Tuesday morning from mid-November to mid-March
Montségur - every Thursday morning from mid-November to mid-March
Nyons - every Thursday morning from mid-November to mid-March
Rognes - end of December
St-Paul-Trois-Châteaux - every morningsfrom mid-November to mid-March; and a Truffle Festival on the second Sunday in February
Taulignan - every Saturday morning from mid-November to mid-March