La Toscane Vacation Villa in Provence, France

Provence ... the very word conjures up a wealth of words and associations. The clean scent of lavender as you walk through the purple fields. Water the colour of turquoise against a clear, blue sky. Mountains reflecting the golden hues of the setting sun. Gently rolling hills. The rugged beauty of the olive trees. The scent of the rosemary. And field upon field of crimson red poppies, their heads nodding in the warm breeze.

Visiting Provence, you come to understand why the ancient Provencal legend says that when creating the world, God discovered that He had several materials left over - large expanses of celestial blue, all kinds of rocks, arable soil filled with seeds for a sumptuous flora, and a variety of as yet unused tastes and smells from the most subtle to the most powerful. "Well", He thinks, "why don't I make my own special paradise?" And so Provence came into being.1

Yes, you can see the beauty of Provence in a few days. But to experience Provence, you need to linger, to settle in and drink in the breath of the air, the warmth of the sun, the mystery of the area.

Our villa is ideally situated to help you become one with Provence.

Situated in the heart of France’s Provence region, in Var - home to the oldest vineyards in France. Here, you will enjoy the peace, tranquility and comfort of our villa, La Toscane.

Old stone upon old stone; La Toscane stands in an elevated position overlooking the valley of the River Argens. A short drive will have you exploring the historic and medieval village of Correns. A few miles away are the neighbouring provencal market towns of Carcès and Cotignac. The beaches of St. Tropez and the Mediterranean coast are just a short drive away.

La Toscane. A place you'll remember forever.


1 Provence & the Cote d'Azur by Kate Baillie